We’re now pleased to offer  a range of massage therapy.

Swedish massage – £35 for 30 minutes, £45 for 1 hour, £60 for 90 minutes

 This holistic therapy helps to smooth away tension and improves circulation and the condition of the muscles. It can also reduce anxiety and stress and promote a sense of well-being. This massage can be both relaxing and invigorating, a firm but gentle pressure is used and can be adjusted to suit the client’s preference


Sports and Remedial massage – £35 for 30 minutes, £45 for 1 hour, £60 for 90 minutes

  This type of massage can benefit everyone, it’s not just for sports people. By using a combination of firm specialised techniques, it aids recovery from injury, eases tension, prevents injuries and helps to prevent scar tissue forming. It is also usually  focused on a specific area of the body, depending on your particular needs.


Pre and Post Event sports massage:  – £35 for 30 minutes, £45 for 1 hour, £60 for 90 minutes

 Pre event massage prepares your muscles and stretches the muscles prior to an event and can prevent injury.  post event massage helps to speed up recovery and, reduce lactic acid build up, stretch and relax the muscles.


Hot Stones massage – £55 for 1 hour, £70 for 90 minutes

 The hot basalt stones are placed on the body and are also used to perform the massage with. The heat of the stones is very soothing and helps to warm and relax the muscles quickly, allowing the muscles to be worked on easily.

Once enough heat has been applied, some cold marble stones are also used during the treatment. This feels both refreshing and has a positive effect on the body. It is particularly good for inflammation, areas of tension and relaxation.

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