Our Response to COVID-19

Following the Scottish government’s guidance we are opening for emergency appointments only from 1st June. We have set out the following measures to protect patients, staff and the wider community.

  1. We have sent all non-essential staff home.
  2. We are asking everyone to not attend clinic and cancel if they exhibit the symptoms of a high temperature, new or continuous cough, change in sense of smell or if you think you might have been exposed to coronavirus.
  3. We are currently only seeing essential, emergency patients to limit footfall in the clinic.
  4. We are sign-posting current government recommendations for your information in our clinic and on our social media.
  5. For those whose attendance is essential we offer hand-washing and anti-bacterial hand gel upon arrival. 
  6. We ask that all patients wear a mask or face covering in the clinic. 
  7. We ask all patient to wear appropriate clothing (vest, T-shirt shorts, leggings) to limit the amount of gowns used at the current time.
  8. Clinical staff will be wearing PPE (gloves, mask, goggles (where appropriate) and aprons) 
  9.  Social distancing guidelines will be followed where possible. (obviously this is not possible during hands-on treatment)
  10. We are disinfecting all contact surfaces between each patient visit in treatment rooms and reception. 
  11. We are allowing time between each appointment for the room to ‘air’
  12. We are regularly cleaning our reception room, changing rooms and lavatory. 
  13. All practitioners are regularly washing their hands and monitoring/protecting their own, and their family’s health.
  14. We have arranged seating in reception to allow appropriate distance between patients and removed all re-useable reading material including leaflets, magazines and newspapers.
  15. We have set up social distancing measures outside the clinic should patients overlap (although this should not happen)
  16. We are asking patient to pay by contactless technology (We are not accepting cash at this time)
  17. We are emailing out forms where possible to minimise time spent in the clinic environment.
  18. We have a telephone preassessment with every patient to determine their risk to benefit for depending on their general health, and age and the severity of their current problem. 
  19. We will offer remote services via phone or video link (history, examination, working diagnosis and referral or care in the form of education and advice. Exercises and self-care can often be effectively demonstrated with good results!).
  20. Our ‘at risk’ patients (pregnant, over 70’s, health condition, weakened immune system) are welcome to phone us for advice and we will do our best to help you. If you do require care we will make arrangements for you to arrive and leave with minimal human contact and exposure.
  21.  While we are taking every precaution to limit your exposure to coronavirus, we cannot guarantee that there is no risk as a result of attending our clinic for treatment. We will request and record your verbal and written consent in your treatment notes.

We are here to help, all questions, concerns and suggestions warmly welcomed!